Suy Foods at MAFBEX was a thrilling success! We’re excited to announce our participation in the recent Manila Foods & Beverages Expo (MAFBEX 2023). This premier event provided a fantastic platform to showcase our range of premium food products to a wide audience of industry professionals, distributors, and potential customers.

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Suy Foods at MAFBEX— Delectable Offerings Take Center Stage

Our booth was a hive of activity as attendees were drawn in by the enticing aromas and mouthwatering displays of our products. We featured a variety of our most popular items, including:

Chicken Loaf

Chick Loaf is a product made from high quality chicken meat that has been mixed with flavorful seasoning and spices formed into a loaf shape. Learn more >>

Luncheon Meat

Made from real ground up chicken, blended with falvours, formed into a loaf and cooked. Can be eaten cold, pan fried, or as a verstatile addition to other dishes. Learn more >>

Cheif Meat Loaf

Chief Meat Loaf envisions to provide a quality and guilt-free product but is still affordable to consumers. Learn more >>

Chicken Teriyaki

Japanese originated cuisine.
Chicken meat in Teriyaki sauce known for its sweet, salty and tangy taste. Learn more >>

Chicken Brine

Chunks of chicken meat in water and salt.
A good source of protein. Learn more >>

Building Connections

Expanding Our Reach– The MAFBEX experience was invaluable in allowing us to connect with potential partners and distributors, fostering new business relationships that will help us expand our reach and bring Suy Foods’ delicious offerings to an even wider audience.

A Look to the Future

Suy Foods is energized by the positive response we received at MAFBEX. We are committed to continuous innovation and development, bringing new and exciting food experiences to our valued customers. We look forward to participating in future industry events and sharing our passion for quality and flavor.

Thank You!

We extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who visited our Suy Foods booth at MAFBEX. Your support and enthusiasm motivate us to keep creating delicious and innovative food products.


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Chief Meat Loaf

Chief Meat Loaf Chicken
chief meat loaf configuration

Chicken in Brine

chicken in brine, suy foods, canned products
chicken brine specs