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Jii Saaduddin is an accomplished SEO expert. With a strong background in website development and algorithm, He practicing to become a Ph.D. in data science. Jii excels in optimizing online presence for businesses. Their expertise extends to publish insightful articles and he founded the no. 1 leading corporate directory in Davao City known as Davao Corporate. Visit Jii's blog for exceptional SEO tips and expertise in web development.

Operation Manager for restaurant

jobs hiring operation manager

Job Hiring Operation Manager for Restaurant Qualifacations Bachelor’s degree in Business/Hospitality/Operations Management/Hotel & Restaurant Management, equivalent or related field. Proven work experience as a Restaurant Operation Manager or in a similar role. In-depth knowledge of the restaurant industry and best practices and trends. Strong knowledge of restaurant operations, including food and beverage service, kitchen management, …

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ChickLoaf in Beer Batter

Chickloaf in beer batter

ChickLoaf in Beer Batter’s Recipe Ingredients 1 can – chickloaf 1 cup- all-purpose flour 1 can- beer/soda water 1g- salt 1g- Spanish paprika Cooking oil Dip Japanese mayonnaise/mayonnaise Instructions For the batter: whisk together flour, beer, a pinch of salt and paprika in a medium sized bowl. For the chickloaf: cut into batonnet cut or …

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Chickloaf Baked Sushi


ChickLoaf Baked Sushi’s Recipe Ingredients 1 can- chickloaf cut into small cubes 1tsp- butter 1g-salt 1 tbsp- white sugar 1tbsp- soy sauce 2tbsp- japanese mayo 1tsp- sesame oil 50g- Sliced onion leaves 1/ 2 cup- grated mozzarella Rice Mixture 1 ½ cup- cooked rice (japanese rice) 50g- vinegar 1 tbsp- white sugar 1tsp- salt Nori …

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Farmer’s Agro Complex launch 15 hectares for Dressing Plant

Farmer's Agro Complex launch 15 hectares for Dressing Plant

The inauguration of the Dressing Plant – Farmer’s Agro Complex was attended by Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol and Assistant Secretary Enrico Garzon themselves along with other dignitaries of the agriculture sector. “Based on the information that we have, throughout the Philippines, this dressing plant facility that we have now has the biggest capacity and the …

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Chief Meat Loaf

Chief Meat Loaf Chicken
chief meat loaf configuration

Chicken in Brine

chicken brine 1x1inch-
chicken brine specs