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Chicken Nuggets

Suy Foods Chicken Nuggets is all time favorite snack item since 1950’s made special by Suy Foods. Made from real chicken meat that’s juicy and tasty. It’s chicken in every bite!
Chicken nuggets - Premium

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Cheesy Chick Loaf Lumpia

Cheesy Chick Loaf Lumpia Ingredients 5 cans Spicy Chick Loaf Lumpia Wrapper 2 cups cooking oil 1 block of cheese 1 piece onion minced 2

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Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets - Premium
chicken nuggets c onfig

Chief Meat Loaf

Chief Meat Loaf Chicken
chief meat loaf configuration

Chicken in Brine

chicken in brine, suy foods, canned products
chicken brine specs