Job Hiring

Project Manager for Restaurant


  • Bachelor’s degree in Architectural/Building/Civil Engineering, equivalent or related field.
  • At least 3 years of work experience in a Senior Executive level
  • Proven track record in project completion
  • Knowledge of local building codes and authority approval procedures

Job Descriptions

  • Leads the project planning, scheduling, and implementation of the restaurant construction process for the design team, general contractor, subcontractors, and equipment vendors
  • Monitor the project’s progress, and make the necessary adjustment to ensure the project complete on-time
  • Manage work deliverables according to the given budget and timeline
  • Review projects work quality to ensure it meets the standard
  • Conducts daily work through/on-site inspection to ensure quality and compliance with the specifications and requirements
  • Procuring project requirements and permits
  • Tracking and monitoring general contractor and subcontractor work
  • Ensuring quality and safety throughout all the project stages
  • Reporting progress at every stage of the project
  • Processing permits and government relations

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