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About Suy Foods

About Suy Foods
Our history takes us back for more than 45 Years, the Suy Family is a major provider of Chicken livestock products in the Mindanao region, also served as a grower and broiler farm for various big manufacturing companies in the Philippines. Today, we have more than 10 chicken farms and more than 7 companies under our holdings operated in producing various products related to our core business of chicken.

The story of our Chicken Canning business started in 2013 during the time of the YOLANDA typhoon when the company saw the need for “ready to eat” canned goods with rice and viand, perfect for emergency situations – born Suy Foods-911 “Chicken Rice Meal in a Can”. In 2016 we supplied Suy Foods-911 during the Marawi siege. Suy Foods 911 was commercially launched in 2016 and was initially available in Davao City.

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Today, various consumer product variants were added in the Suy Foods Brand portfolio such as Chick Loaf  – Chicken Meat Loaf, Chick ‘N’ Can – Chicken Goodness in a Can, Chick ‘N’ Can Luncheon Meat, Chick ‘N’ Can Chef Series, Chick ‘N’ De Lata, and Suy Foods Frozen Products – Tocino, Longganisa and many more – creating an entire new Chicken category in the market.

From those humble beginnings,  Suy Foods together with our other companies has grown over the years and decades to find new ways to help feed the nation.  We’re proud of the integration process that we built over the years within our companies to ensure the safety, freshness and quality of the chicken and products we produce.  From the grains we feed our chickens to the farms where we hatch and grow our chickens to the ice that holds its freshness – we own it.  With the belief that every family deserves to bring a quality chicken to their table – as we fondly say and commit, “From our Farms to your Table”

Unlike any other company, Suy Group is focused on serving people, growing to serve more people and to offer unlimited choices of chicken meals that we wish to achieve to get along with the changing world.

We promise to serve nothing but quality food as our chickens are from our very own farm. From parent stock, to chicken broilers, to the dressed chicken. We even make our own feeds to feed them and even providing our own cold storage facility just to ensure the quality of each slice of poultry meat we produce.

We are committed to provide healthier meals in every day of every month of every year.


Our Products are made from 100% Halal-certified whole chicken goodness. From fresh, frozen to ready-to-eat products, Suy Foods has it! From our farms to your plate.

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